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Typically, Irrigation pumps do exactly what their meaning is “irrigate”. In other words, they water land, whether its crops or fields, or grassy landscapes.  Here at Burgess, when we refer to an “irrigation” pump, we are meaning and above ground or “centrifugal” pump.  They can come in many flavors and are usually from ½ HP (Horsepower) to 20 HP with some even larger. With irrigation pumps, since they sit above ground, they do need winterization.

Irrigation pumps should be maintained regularly and many can be rebuilt once they start to go bad.  Of course, starting with a quality product usually means a rebuild is possible while inferior products do not offer replacement parts and are simply “throw-aways”.  Higher end products manufactured by Berkeley, Sta-Rite, Goulds and Munro tend to need adjustments and packing to ensure they operate to full efficiency.  This should be done each year at the start of water season.  The higher quality pumps use cast iron cases, either stainless or brass impellers, and high quality, name brand motors which are replaceable and/or repairable.  Low quality products use plastic parts and plastic impellers with no name or foreign motors.  Initially, the performance ratings may be similar, however after a short time, the lower end pumps tend to perform worse while the higher end models remain constant.

At Burgess, we have many years of experience dealing with high quality irrigation pumps.  For the repairable models, our Middleton shop is capable of servicing all of your pump needs.  We stock hundreds of parts to get you back up and running fast so come in and let us show you the difference of how a good, quality pump can SAVE you money over the long haul instead of costing you time and money with inferior models out of the “Big Box” stores.

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