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What types of water systems do you sell ?

We sell and service all types of water pumping systems including all pressurized irrigation systems used in large and small sub-divisions, homeowner submersible well pumps, jet pumps, irrigation pumps, waterfall pumps, and large turbine pumps for agriculture use.

What is a constant pressure system and how does it benefit my home or system?

A constant pressure system is setup using a Variable Frequency Drive or (VFD) to control the pressure in your water system. Electronics control the speed of your motor to increase or decrease it's output to meet the water demand as its being used. This is very useful when you have very small demand uses like sinks and showers but use the same water source for higher demand uses like irrigation. These systems can also reduce your power consumption and extend the pumps longevity. 

Do you maintain community pressurized irrigation systems ?

Yes,  we maintain all type of community pressurized systems, even those meant for drinking water only. 

Do you design new systems ?

Yes we do and we also give estimates based on pre-designed systems when new sub-divisions are being constructed. 

Do you have maintenance contracts ?

Yes we do offer maintenance contracts. We can design one based on the needs of the particular client. 

My pump is cycling, what do I do?

If you notice your pump is cycling (turning on and off) more than normal, please call us for a service appointment. There are many reasons a pump can cycle including :

A leak in your pipe, a bad pressure tank, a clogged filter or a bad pressure switch are some of the more common reasons.  There are a host of other issues that can also cause this.  Many people who "self diagnose" their issues typically don't find the real problem. Call us to get it fixed right the first time.

I have dirty water, what do I do ?

Flush your water, especially after you've had Pump work done. New pumps tend to stir up the well and it takes some time to get it calmed down. Flushing may take hours, not minutes.

Also, look for dirty filters which can add to your problems. Not only will you get more sediment from non working filters, but clogged filters can drastically reduce pressure and cause cycling issues. 

Do you do Well Inspections ? What's involved ?

Yes we do. Typically we inspect the well equipment we can visually see and take power readings and assess the overall condition of the equipment. We also run a flow test to determine how many gallons of water the system is producing. We can generally assess the overall systems health using these measurements.

Once the inspection is done, we write a report and send it out to whoever is requesting it. We typically work with real estate agents and their lenders to provide this information during a homes sale. 

Do you do water testing?

Starting in 2015, we will be providing this service as an additional fee to our well inspection service. 

Are you capable of using a camera down the well to find out problems?

Yes, we are adding this capability as well starting in 2015. The fees will range depending on the depth of the well. 

Do you do new well pump installations ?

Yes all of the time. New installations require the most time so we will need to assess what the homeowners requirements are and determine what Pump system will work best for their needs and budget. 

Do you drill wells ?

No, we do not. We have several well drilling contractors we recommend and would be happy to give you a referral.  It is also difficult to be an expert in everything, so we like to stick to what we know, pumps.

Do you do new Waterfall Installations ?

Yes, we can do all the piping and pump work to create the look that you want, however, we do not build the waterfalls out of rocks / planting materials, etc.  Typically landscapers and waterfall designers do that portion and we work with them to add the pumping and piping system.

Do you give free estimates?

In most cases, Yes. Typically, we can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone for simple things like tank replacements, switch replacements etc..  When it comes to something that is custom, we do charge a service fee to diagnose or estimate a new system.  If the estimate is accepted, we credit this fee (if it has already been paid) or we waive the fee if it has not.

What is the difference in what you sell and what I get at a Box Store?

Box store's sell mostly irrigation pumps and some sell submersible well pumps.  Generally, the irrigation brands sold have all plastic internal parts which are made in in some foreign country.  The Big Chains buy these because they are obviously cheaper and can give you a better deal.  Typically, we call these "throw away" pumps where you may get 1 or 2 seasons out of them, and then you're done.  Repair parts are typically not available to fix these and replacing, say, a motor costs more than the entire pump.

For submersible pumps, some stores actually carry a name brand like "Franklin", however, what most people don't know is that these pumps are not the same quality as what we install and do not carry the same warranties.  Franklin does have a low cost pump system, however, as in the irrigation pumps, they are manufactured elsewhere, contain plastic internal parts such as impellers and are sold with inferior warranties.

What size pump do I need?

This really depends on the demand you expect to have.  A typical shower is 2 gallons per minute or less, a sink, maybe 1 gallon per minute and today's toilet uses only 1-2 gallons per flush.  Depending on the number of simulataneous uses you expect, you would need that many gallons per minute overall.  Adding irrigation to the system would cause the amount necessary to go up by several gallons per minute.  There are many people that have water source heat pumps which use constantly flowing water to heat/cool their homes.  Those require a great deal of flow and therefore a larger pump.  Rather than guess yourself, we would be more than happy to help educate you and to recommend the size that best fits your needs.

My pump is broke what should I do?

Call Burgess Pump First.  Let us figure out if it is a simple fix or if it will involve a pump replacement.  Most issues can be solved cheaply. Our promise to you is that we WILL NOT sell you something you don't need.  We always put your interests first and try and work on the most cost effective solution to get you back up and running.

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