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Turbine pumps, in short, are pumps that move great volumes of water and use large impellers and bowls to do it.  Turbines are another form of submersible pump and can be married to motors that exist above the ground using a line shaft to drive the pump, or below the ground, similar to a submersible well pump.  Either way, you see these exist mostly for irrigation purposes as the main water handlers for farmers driving pivots and wheel lines and for irrigation pump stations handling a larger volume of homes.  We’ve also installed / repaired turbine pumps in waterfalls when the amount of water needed for the waterfall was very high such as the main entrance waterfall to Castlebury West.

As mentioned, turbines have the advantage when it comes to moving large quantities of water.  They are re-buildable and are of low cost when you factor in the amount of gallon per minute (GPM’s) a turbine will move.  Sealed submersible pumps, which are mainly used in homeowner wells, are generally not re-buildable and only move so much water.  There are turbines which can be used in large potable water situations, but most are moving non-potable water for landscaping and crop irrigation purposes.

At Burgess Pump, we specialize in removing, rebuilding and re-installing small, medium and some larger sized turbines.  We’re only limited by the equipment we have access to.  Our large crane extends to 40ft and can lift up to 8000 lbs which can handle most jobs.  Let us know how we can help you design a new turbine system or replace an existing one.  Either way, you want someone with experience as these pumps can get very large very fast.  Call on the experts

A turbine pump is a centrifugal pump. It is mainly used to pump water from deep wells.  This pump normally includes a pump shaft, a rotating device known as an impeller, and a motor. A turbine pump may consist of multiple semi-open or enclosed impellers, also known as "stages." A metal plate called shroud supports the vanes of the impeller in an open or semi-open impeller, whereas in an enclosed impeller, the shroud encloses the impeller vanes. Generally, turbine pumps have a constant flow, and water flows uniformly at high pressure. The stages can be connected in series to increase the head capacity of the pump. Two common types are submersible and deep well turbine pumps, which are also known as vertical turbine pumps.

Burgess can help install a system, repair your existing one or provide emergency services. Water pumps are all we do so no matter how large or how unique your situation, we are experienced and can quickly determine where to start. You'll always receive experienced technicians, quality support, and a job done right. When you're looking for the best quality, reliable pumps at a price you can afford, come to Burgess Pump and Supply. You'll get honest prices and service every time.


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