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Pumps for waterfalls are as different as the waterfalls they serve.  While Burgess doesn’t actually construct waterfalls, we are called in to do the piping and set the pump depending on the requirements and specifications that the eventual owners would like.

There are many different types of pumps that can be used as waterfall pumps such as submersible, centrifugal, turbine and sewage.  The pump type is often dictated by where the water source is and how it will be fed into the waterfall.  We only use high quality manufacturers such as Carry, Goulds, Sta-Rite or Berkeley to name a few.  In situations where a “vault” (a manhole type area where water is collected under the ground) is used, a submersible or sewage pump isGould Water Pump usually specified depending on the amount of water that is needed and the amount of lift or distance from the source of the water to be used.  If the source of water is a pond or nearby canal, it may be beneficial to use a centrifugal pump instead. Each type of pump has it’s features and drawbacks and it takes a pump expert to help you understand what those differences are.

At Burgess, we pride ourselves in specifying the correct pump for any waterfall application. Often there are multiple solutions to a waterfall application and what may work for one waterfall, may not work for another. Give us your parameters and ideas and let us help you design your waterfall from the ground up.  Our experts can help you design the necessary plumbing and controls for your waterfall so you can obtain the most “bang” for your hard earned dollar. We’ve helped many Sub-Divisions in the Treasure Valley such as Two Rivers, Castlebury West, Legacy and Lochsa Falls with pump / control replacements, and electronic timers to better control the costs of operation.  Why run a waterfall when it’s not being seen?  Let us show you how we can help you save money, but still retain the beauty that your waterfall was designed to enhance.

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